InSync IM - Synchronize Your Brain, Unlock Your Full Potential

At InSync, we cultivate new levels of peak performance and quality of life by facilitating balancing and coherent re-patterning of the brain and central nervous system through an innovative approach combining biofeedback therapies: Interactive Metronome® and Heartmath™, with rhythm-based applications.

Achieve Peak Performance

  • Enhance your Rhythm & Timing
  • Increase your Mental Processing Speed
  • Improve Strength & Stamina
  • Sharpen your Concentration & Focus
  • Improve Balance & Coordination
  • Enhance your Overall Execution
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Other Benefits

Interactive Metronome® can help improve symptoms of sensory integration disorder, ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum, traumatic brain injury (TBI), post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, dyslexia, Parkinson's, Lymes, Alzheimer's, and stroke rehabilitation.

My name is Gary Miller but most people know me as "Dr. Know" of the band Bad Brains. Four years ago I suffered a stroke. After training at InSync, I now feel reconnected and empowered internally, with a new alignment and strength, mentally, physically and spiritually. I am able to play guitar again, and am tremendously pleased with my results of improved memory, focus, coordination and self awareness. Thank you, Jayna, for helping me to repair my "bad brain."

– Gary Miller
Dr. Know, Bad Brains

As a professional musician, educator, and simply as a human being, I am very impressed with the results I have experienced [...] working with Jayna ...significant improvement in my sense of time and rhythm, my ability to focus, and an increase in my general sense of clarity and confidence. Jayna possesses a keen mastery of the IM process as well as a wonderful intuitive sense that enables her to steer each session in exactly the right direction each and every time.

– Steve, Jazz Musician

The Interactive Metronome® is spectacularly helpful. It is one of the most promising developments with non-medication of ADHD that's come along in a long while... This is really solid, extremely helpful, non-medication intervention not only for ADHD but for mental functioning in general.

– Edward Hallowel, MD
Leading clinician & speaker on ADHD & author of Driven to Distraction.