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About Jayna Nelson

Jayna is a certified Interactive Metronome® Therapist and has been training professionals in the science of Sensory Motor Integration and Metronome use since 1980 while on staff at the University of Toronto School of Music. Her training of athletes, artists, musicians, dancers, actors, recording engineers, and therapists has given her the unique ability to teach techniques that are scientifically proven to improve performance levels in a wide range of cognitive skills, including split-second timing and synchronization, stress reduction, consistency, executive functioning capacity, self awareness, stamina, balance and coordination, improved memory, organizational and sequencing skills, mood stability, focus and concentration. She has served as a "Secret Weapon" and resource for hundreds of successful people, many at the top of their industries.

From 2005 to 2008, Jayna was on staff as a neurofeedback and Interactive Metronome® clinician at the Stone Mountain Counseling Center in Tilson, NY. She is a member of the Biofeedback and Cognitive Neuroscience of Georgia, and was the featured presenter at the May 2014 meeting. The topic: Interactive Metronome® and Heartmath™ as combined healing modalities for repetitive head injury and peak performance training with Mixed Martial Arts, was a presentation of the results of a two year study with MMA participants and instructors at the Hard Core Gym in Athens, GA.

Jayna specializes in training for peak performance skills, and treatment for ADHD, brain injury and concussion, and neurological problems related to Parkinson's, Lymes, and other cognitive issues.

Jayna offers a completely individualized protocol that recognizes and serves the specific needs of each client. The initial assessment is both diagnostic and remedial; therefore, peak performance level can be increased exponentially in as little as one to six sessions.

Jayna enjoys working with a diverse population of all ages, from many walks of life, and has enthusiasm to participate in the healing journey of her clients.