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Golf Study

In 2010, InSync ran a study in Golf performance enhancement using new protocols developed by Jayna Nelson. Results varied per individual, the lowest amount of improvement being 45% and the highest being 83%. (Compare that to Interactive Metronome® Inc's golf study with standard IM protocols yielding a 30% improvement rate.)

After only 3 sessions, InSync participants had this to say:

My work with Jayna changed the "course" of my life, making my previous perceptions obsolete.

– Scott Riehl
Head Strength & Conditioning Coordinator on the PGA Tour since 2001

I'm 5 strokes under my average and my focus and concentration on the course has improved amazingly. My creativity at work is at a high and my mind is less "busy". I no longer meditate on IM training days. IM is a meditation!

– 30 year old male participant with own business

“My shots are much more accurate and everything “feels” better on the course. My academic scores at school are improving. My ability to process information and remember it has brought my biology test scores from 60 to 80. I’ve always been “bad” at the tougher subjects but now it seems easy! I’m seriously pumped up with excitement!

– 15 year old female participant

Completed Training Testimonials:

My IM sessions were a (3rd) eye opener. After sessions I felt as if I just did a deep meditation session. Oddly I felt taller, colors were brighter and my thoughts were clearer and stiller. I also noticed a dramatic improvement in my golf performance. After sessions I was able to play without over thinking or analyzing. I would pick my target, visualize the shot and swing without extra thoughts, doubts or fears. In other words I was able let my body and the club do the work without my head getting in the way. Additionally my tempo was as smooth as Ernie Els’s.

At first I didn’t think clapping my hands for 20 minutes can do anything, but now, I whole heartrendingly recommend IM to those looking to clear the mind, merge their left and right brains, improve their golf game, and to simply have fun.

Be the Bell!

– Jesse Jenifer

When I began training in IM with Jayna, the intention was that my golf game would improve. I would tend to unconsciously block or resist the necessary changes both physically and mentally required to attempt a new direction. I have found that my swing timing and focus, during practice and on the course have improved significantly. Two major successes were to win a team event with a final score of 59 (-13) and playing Beth Page Black in 50-45 on my first visit. I have continued to make breakthroughs as I have been reworking my entire swing over the past two seasons.

IM has also provided a change in my handling of emotional episodes such as anger. worry and indecision. Emotional imbalances used to overwhelm me physically and mentally. I have become remarkably calmer and quiet internally both in mind and body. I remain centered and in focus, detached from the negative effects of these episodes, the intensity and duration of which has dramatically decreased as well. For me, this has been the greatest benefit from training with Jayna. I intend to continue to train now that the initial template has been set.

– Frank Doblekar

I’ve seen great improvements in my daughters’ studying and test scores,also her ability to focus on whatever her task may be, and excel. Since the IM training she has dropped her golf game scores without frustration and with a positive attitude. Her school tests have become much easier with higher grades. Her self confidence has improved . I am a firm believer in Interactive Metronome®!

– Pamela Lapp, Mother

The Beat Is On:
Some PGA Tour Pros Believe Timing Is Everything
Golf Digest, Feb, 2003

On the PGA Tour, the difference between a golf swing that produces a nice, high draw and a lousy snap hook can be measured in milliseconds. So it’s no surprise that one of the hottest pieces of workout equipment on tour is the Interactive Metro-nome®, an audio-based training device that improves an athlete’s timing[…]

To use the Interactive Metronome®, slip on the headphones, listen for a repeating tone, and clap in time with the beat. The computer measures how close your claps come to the tone. The average person claps within 40 to 80 milliseconds before or after the tone, but the average score of 30 PGA Tour members tested was 28.24. Without practice, Day and Singh scored less than 15, which is a strong indicator of how good a golfer’s timing has to be, says Scott Riehl, head strength and conditioning specialist for the tour. (Since this article, Scott has become the Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for the Tour. He trained with us in 2011.)

The machine originally was intended for rehabilitating stroke victims and patients with other brain dysfunction. But its use in athletics is gaining popularity. In golf, players can mimic parts of the game, like a putting stroke, while using the device. Or they can improve their timing when fatigued, a key to finishing the round strong. It has been believed for some time that inputs from different sensory organs are processed in different areas in the brain. The communication within and among these specialized areas of the brain is known as functional integration. Newer research has shown that these different regions of the brain may not be solely responsible for only one sensory modality, but could use multiple inputs to perceive what the body senses about its environment. Sensory integration is necessary for almost every activity that we perform because the combination of multiple sensory inputs is essential for us to comprehend our surroundings.

Here’s an overview with professional golfer Brian Reinsich