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Mixed Martial Arts Study

The Interactive Metronome® and Heartmath™ training has been effective not only in treating head injury conditions but in obtaining a peak performance level which MMA participants had not formerly experienced.

InSync completed a two year study using the Interactive Metronome® and Heartmath™ as combined modalities to treat repetitive head injury conditions and improve Peak Performance with Mixed Martial Arts participants. The foundation training was completed, along with training in advanced protocols designed specifically for MMA by Jayna Nelson.

The results were presented at the Biofeedback and Cognitive Neuroscience of Georgia meeting in Athens, GA, May 2014.

Areas of Functional Improvement included:

ADD, dyslexia, cognition, mood stability, depression, sleep patterns, sports accuracy and execution, focus, concentration, balance and coordination, stamina, split-second timing, ability to handle stress and anxiety, motivation, impulse control, ability to follow through, patience, anger issues, organizational skills, memory, emotional stability, forming personal relationships, self-esteem, ability to focus through distraction, injury recovery, self awareness, imprinting new information, and the ability to handle the negativity of others and remain unaffected.


Since my training at InSync, there have been a plethora of improvements, in a variety of aspects of my life. I feel like a completely different person, and life doesn’t seem as hard as it used to be. My self awareness has developed, I am sleeping better. It is easier to stay in a stable, good mood. I am more tolerant and patient with myself and my students. I was amazed at how fast the improvement began. My creativity has gone way up, memory has improved, I have an inner motivation that feels incredible and anew ability to follow through on projects that used to overwhelm me.

In my MMA work, I have sharper response time to ANYTHING that comes my way. Time seems to slow down and there is ‘time” to get out of the way of a strike. I always leave my sessions feeling better than when I arrived.

Don’t let another minute go by… call InSync for an assessment session. No matter how good you think you are right now, you’re going to be even better if you train your brain with Jayna.

– George Kassaev
MMA fighter and Coach at Hardcore Gym, Athens, GA

I began IM training with Jayna Nelson, and I cannot put into words how helpful the protocol and her guidance have been for me. Not only has it helped improve my performance in my sport, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), but I have also felt an improvement in my overall quality of life in terms of anxiety, work productivity, mood, and sleep quality. I have trained in various ways such as strength/weight training, speed training, conditioning, skill work, etc. This is the first time I have ever trained the most important tool which improves performance – the brain. I have experienced tremendous improvements in my timing, recovery, attention span, conditioning, and technique. Not only is the protocol effective, but Jayna does a phenome®nal job of listening and adjusting the protocol according to my progress and how I feel that particular day. No matter what we do, I always feel better when I finish a training session and I know there are improvements. There is no way I could have such progress without Jayna’s help and training protocols!

– Ralph Ospina, GFC Bantemwight Title holder and Coach at Hardcore Gym, Athens, GA

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Advanced InSync protocols for MMA

Demonstration with Ralph Ospina, Athens, GA Ga. State Bantemweight Title Holder


Advanced InSync protocols for MMA

Demonstration with George Kassaev, Athens, GA