InSync IM - Synchronize Your Brain, Unlock Your Full Potential


My name is Gary Miller but most people know me as "Dr. Know" of the band Bad Brains.

Four years ago I suffered a stroke and spent almost a year living in a rehabilitation facility. Upon release, I was still in a mental fog, had no feeling in my left hand, everything was difficult to manage, even standing up was hard and "simple tasks" (like tying my shoes) were impossible. I continued occupational therapy which helped me to a degree. Then a friend suggested I call Jayna at "InSync" as a next step toward my recovery.

I felt a connection with her immediately and was highly motivated after my first session. It was after a few months of training (with profound improvement) that I realized how screwed up I had really been.

So many things have changed for me. I can feel my hand again and am back to playing the guitar. My memory has dramatically improved as well as my energy level, stamina, balance, coordination, focus, concentration and organizational skills. My anxiety and frustration levels have been considerably reduced and my self awareness is soaring.

I now feel re-connected and empowered internally, with a new alignment and strength, mentally, physically and spiritually.

I have absolutely enjoyed this work and am tremendously pleased with the results. Thank you, Jayna, for helping me to repair my "bad brain."

– Gary Miller, Bad Brains' Dr. Know

As a professional musician, educator, and simply as a human being, I am very impressed with the results I have experienced while working with Jayna Nelson as she employed the Interactive Metronome® training with me. After working with her over the course of this past summer (going twice weekly), I have experienced a significant improvement in my sense of time and rhythm, my ability to focus, and an increase in my general sense of clarity and confidence. Jayna possesses a keen mastery of the IM process as well as a wonderful intuitive sense that enables her to steer each session in exactly the right direction each and every time.

– Steve, Jazz Musician

The Interactive Metronome® training has changed my life. Living with ADD made everyday tasks, like housework, errands, anything focus-based, completely overwhelming. I was so frustrated and anxious at not being able to do things others seemed to do so easily. I was always late or way too early for meetings and events. ADD medication didn’t help anything. I thought it was just how I was and had given up all hope of anything changing. I was told to get used to being a scatterbrain.
After ONE SESSION my life started changing in hundreds of tiny ways. It was like a switch had been flipped and everything got so much easier. After the session, my husband and I had a lengthy conversation and for the FIRST TIME I was able to recall the entire conversation. I could stay on topic and not get distracted by tangents. During the conversation I was able to think back to his previous points, connect it to what he was currently saying, and ask relevant questions. I had NEVER been able to do this. Before, losing track of what I and others were saying caused me to develop terrible social anxiety. Now that I can focus on the topic at hand, my anxiety has evaporated.

Your brain learns rhythm, something I have realized is present in so many parts of my life. Cooking, cleaning, driving, talking, writing, it all has a rhythm and when you can tap into that rhythm everything goes so much smoother and is so much easier. Lots of people talk about "getting into the rhythm" of something. This training helps you get into the rhythm of LIFE.

After my full training, I feel like a superhero. I can do things now I didn't even know I wasn't able to do. I can clean my apartment in an afternoon instead of a week.

I'm organized. I'm so much more efficient in everything I do. I learn things more easily and retain them far better than before. I have no fear of the world now and feel I can take anything it throws at me. Everyone around me has commented on the positive change.

I can not express enough how wonderful this experience with Jayna has been, and I strongly encourage anyone with ADD /ADHD to enroll immediately! This amazing training will change your life!

– Christine Warlick

My experience of IM has been very positive. Doing this program has improved my golf game, academic achievement, and other aspects of my life. My grades have improved dramatically and I’m able to focus and not get distracted.

– Chelsea Lapp
High school student and golfer

I've seen great improvements in my daughter's studying and test scores, also her ability to focus on whatever her task may be, and excel. Since the IM training, she has dropped her golf game scores without frustration and with a positive attitude. Her school tests have become much easier with higher grades. Her self confidence has improved. I am a firm believer in Interactive Metronome®!

– Pamela Lapp

I came to Jayna through a friend of mine of 30 years, she was a "mess" but "all of a sudden", it seemed she was in control of her life, which had changed. She looked clearer, she made decisions quickly with no hesitation and began going to school. She had discovered a new sense of purpose. I asked her what was she doing different? and she replied Interactive Metronome®! I signed up right away! I experienced immediate positive results. I was seeing clearer at night. I felt happier than I've felt in years. I have suffered from depression for a long time and it is lifting like a veil! I have more energy and I'm not feeling as frustrated with my personal circumstances. I feel a centeredness inside that is very new and I'm not reacting to my life but responding to it. My physical coordination has improved and my balance is better. I look forward to my appointments. Thank you Jayna!

– Laura SB

My work with Jayna changed the "course" of my life, making my former perspectives obsolete!

– Scott Riehl
Head Strength & Conditioning Coordinator on the PGA Tour since 2001

Since my training at InSync, there have been a plethora of improvements, in a variety of aspects of my life. I feel like a completely different person, and life doesn’t seem as hard as it used to be. My self awareness has developed, I am sleeping better. It is easier to stay in a stable, good mood. I am more tolerant and patient with myself and my students. I was amazed at how fast the improvement began. My creativity has gone way up, memory has improved, I have an inner motivation that feels incredible and a new ability to follow through on projects that used to overwhelm me.

In my MMA work, I have sharper response time to ANYTHING that comes my way. Time seems to slow down and there is ‘time” to get out of the way of a strike.

I always leave my sessions feeling better than when I arrived.

Don’t let another minute go by… call InSync for an assessment session.

No matter how good you think you are right now, you’re going to be even better if you train your brain with Jayna.

– George Kassaev
MMA fighter and Coach at Hardcore Gym; Recipient of the 2012/13 In Sync Scholarship

I began training with Jayna Nelson, and I cannot put into words how helpful the protocol and her guidance have been for me. Not only has it helped improve my performance in my sport, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), but I have also felt an improvement in my overall quality of life in terms of anxiety, work productivity, mood, and sleep quality. I have trained in various ways such as strength/weight training, speed training, conditioning, skill work, etc. This is the first time I have ever trained the most important tool which improves performance – the brain. I have experienced tremendous improvements in my timing, recovery, attention span, conditioning, and technique. Not only is the protocol effective, but Jayna does a phenomenal job of listening and adjusting the protocol according to my progress and how I feel that particular day. No matter what we do, I always feel better when I finish a training session and I know there are improvements. There is no way I could have such progress without Jayna’s help and training protocols!

– Ralph Ospina
GFC Bantemweight Title holder and Coach at Hardcore Gym; Recipient of the 2013/14 In Sync Scholarship

I've been working with Jayna for the past 5 months and have experienced inspiring results. Not only have my balance, concentration, confidence and overall mood improved, but I've also noticed a feeling of groundedness and joy coming from within. It has become easier to quiet the sometimes seemingly constant mental commenting that many people experience. My IM training sessions quickly became opportunites for meditation and exploration into self. I have noticed stimulation of chakras during sessions, from the fairly accessible third eye and crown chakras to the more subtle heart, solar plexus and root chakras. Working with Jayna has opened me up to knowing myself. I've become in touch with my personal power; and I've become more aware that each of us is a sacred being. I finished my training while pregnant with my second child, and while my first pregnancy went smoothly, I had a peace and balance during the second pregnancy that I attribute much of to my training sessions with Jayna. Going through childbirth with the sense of power and strength that I have cultivated, made the experience spiritual, allowing me to trust the capacities of my body and call upon the strength of the world for guidance and protection. Thank you, Jayna, for being a teacher and a friend to me.

– Natalie Smith
Professional Musician, Teacher, and trapeze artist

I have struggled with anxiety, depression, insomnia, and intense feelings of frustration for much of my adult life. I have explored many healing modalities including psychotherapy, reiki, self hypnosis, meditation, and dietary supplements. The Interactive Metronome® training has been extremely effective, helping me to better regulate my moods, expand my capacity for restful sleep, stay resilient in the face of considerable stress, and decrease my need for one on one therapy, which has been great for my budget. I recommend this work highly.

– University Music Professor

I have worked with Jayna on IM, breathing exercises, and musical training for several years now. She and the training have helped me as a professional musician, as a father, and as a human. I am particularly grateful for the improvements I have achieved in anger and anxiety management using the coherent breathing she has taught me in concert with the benefits of my “re-wired” brain. Thanks Jayna! Highly recommended–I even referred my own Mom!

– Carl Lindberg
Professional Musician

My experience with Jayna has been and continues to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life because she can approach all matters on multiple levels of understanding and perception. Anyone who has the opportunity to experience Jayna Nelson’s work on any level will be fortunate . I can only hint at results that are possible.

– Joseph Giardullo
Professional musician/composer

After just a couple of sessions I noticed my coordination and vision had improved. My thinking is clearer and I feel more relaxed in performance situations.

– Recording Artist/Composer

The 'Interactive Metronome®' is spectacularly helpful. It is one of the most promising developments with non-medication of ADHD that’s come along on a long while… This is really solid, extremely helpful, non-medication intervention not only for ADHD, but for mental functioning in general.

– Edward Hallowell, MD
Leading clinician and speaker on ADHD and author of Driven to Distraction

This work (IM) has brought my experience of this world into the present. It also makes clear those things that obstruct being in the present, thereby creating pervasive patience and calmness and light.

– Pep Weiss

Nothing changed my life so much so fast as Interactive Metronome®. I trained with InSync 4 years ago and I MISS IT SO MUCH!!!

– Krista Marshall

My driving skills are better, I’m much calmer in intense situations and my timing as a drummer is much more consistent.

– JJ Beck
Recording Engineer/Musician

IM is a meditation and concentration exercise enhancing all forms of intention-based motor skill activity. It has sharpened my focus and brought me much more in tune with whatever activity I am involved in, from performing music to carpentry. I highly recommend Jayna Nelson as an intuitive, humorous, very knowledgeable and insightful coach for this practice.

– Peter Buettner

Jayna Nelson’s techniques have helped me gain greater awareness of physical patterns that tend to interfere with musical expression. Every musician would benefit from her teaching methods!

– Mitch Kessler
Sunjump Records recording artist

My work with Jayna heightened my awareness not only of myself, but shifted my relationship with my horses. My ability to be in sync improved my riding skills and my communication with the horses as well. Jayna has a knowledge, skill set and intuitive gift that has proven to be spot on concerning behavioral and medical issues I was experiencing with my animals. She continues to be a resource that I depend on.

– Chris DeStefano

Since completing the training I feel more alert, more focused and more alive! I originally signed up for training to improve my golf game but noticed vast changes in my musicianship, particularly my rhythm. My focus work with Jayna has made me a more confident and centered person.

– Gabriel Dresdale
Age 17

I can’t say enough good about Jayna! She is a delightful person and a brilliant teacher.

– Jenny Ojuomi Fox, Ph.D.

My sessions were a (3rd) eye opener. After sessions I felt as if I just did a deep meditation session. Oddly I felt taller, colors were brighter and my thoughts were clearer and stiller. I also noticed a dramatic improvement in my golf performance. After sessions I was able to play without over thinking or analyzing. I would pick my target, visualize the shot and swing without extra thoughts, doubts or fears. In other words I was able let my body and the club do the work without my head getting in the way. Additionally my tempo was as smooth as Ernie Els'.

At first I didn’t think clapping my hands for 20 minutes could do anything; but now, I whole-heartrendingly recommend IM to those looking to clear the mind, merge their left and right brains, improve their golf game, and to simply have fun.

Be the bell.

– Jesse Jenifer

When I began training with Jayna, the intention was that my golf game would improve. I would tend to unconsciously block or resist the necessary changes both physically and mentally required to attempt a new direction. I have found that my swing timing and focus, during practice and on the course have improved significantly. Two major successes were to win a team event with a final score of 59 (-13) and playing Beth Page Black in 50-45 on my first visit. I have continued to make breakthroughs as I have been reworking my entire swing over the past two seasons.

It has also provided a change in my handling of emotional episodes such as anger, worry, and indecision. Emotional imbalances used to overwhelm me physically and mentally. I have become remarkably calmer and quieter internally both in mind and body. I remain centered and in focus, detached from the negative effects of these episodes, the intensity and duration of which has dramatically decreased as well. For me, this has been the greatest benefit from training with Jayna. I intend to continue to train now that the initial template has been set.

– Frank Doblekar